Everything Happens For A Reason

sad happy massI have not been a happy person.

I am not the type to wake up singing ‘I gat a feeling, That today’s gonna be a great day’. I don’t sing in the rain and don’t see the glass half full. You want sweetness and overflowing delight, move over to the lady in the adjourning cubicle, she’s your woman.

I work with plans and schedules. Everything has its place and must at all cost stick to the schedule I have created. No room for accidents, mishaps or incidentals. Everything must wait its turn.

Yep, I’m a planner.

So it was with great annoyance that my month of September was spent running from pillar to post, putting out fires and dealing with unplanned situations. It all started with the birth of my sister’s baby.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my sister and her kids but the baby coming disrupted my careful planning. Her birth meant my mum moved out and into her home, taking with her all the luxurious advantages of living with a parent. In simple terms, I became the responsible adult I wasn’t planning to be, at least not yet.

  1. I had to run my family home for 2 months. No financial assistance from anywhere which was a major strain on my finances
  2. My laptop suddenly packed up and I had to purchase another one cos I had school work to do
  3. My leave was shortened and postponed (aaaargh)
  4. My car battery died, leaving me stranded in the middle of no where. Talk about perfect timing!!!
  5. The steering rack of my car began to act up. Money, Money, Money
  6. My front tires began leaking arbitrarily so ….
  7. And finally, my side mirror was totally annihilated 2 days ago.

Yeah, its been a financially tasking month. And I am so glad its over.

The month of July gave me a ton of heartache and tears but my September left a major dent in my wallet.

happensMy colleagues and friends say I should look at the bright side, I’m alive, I have the funds to solve all the problems that have arisen thus far and I should be thankful.

Hmmmmmm. Be grateful right? It could have been worse, I know, but what happens to the plans I made prior to the nuisance of this September?

Wake me up when September ends. Wishing October brings back my smile, my mood and my lost joy.

Happy October


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