Adults Only

As I sat in the hall I wondered what the hell I was doing here.

The room was filled with 18 – 20 something year olds paying rapt attention to the man speaking in front of the room. His lips are moving but for the life of me I can’t focus on what he’s saying. His lips were moving and for a moment I looked around to confirm that he was actually speaking.  Yes, he was cos I heard the lady beside me chuckle and nod in agreement. 

Ok, so I’m the one with the problem. I need to snap back to reality.

“For your assignment, you’ll have to conduct an audit for your chosen organization” he was saying. “You remember how to go about conducting a secondary research?” No response. Did anyone not take the class in market research? He asked.

I raised my hand in reflex. That was my first mistake. You know you’re old or the most intelligent when your classmates take your business card/contact details at the end of a class.

I choose to accept the former. I feel old. If we were to trade stories during the break I’d be talking about pitches, closing business deals and my experience of working with various state governments and what would I expect as a follow-up conversation? my classmates asking me for job openings at my office. Yep, I’m old.

I should not be taking this class. What am I doing here? Yes, I’m a bit condescending but really, this adult education business is exhausting. I should be home with my family, resting, bonding, clearing my head and preparing for the coming week. Shish.

I hate school. Hated it at 12, at 18 and I still hate it even now. Whoever said things got better with age didn’t go back to school after 28.

*Deep sigh*. I miss my bed and its 8am on a Saturday morning. I quietly excuse myself like I’m going to the bathroom and never look back. Who needs the torture of adult education anyways? I certainly don’t.

Good riddance.



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