Growing Up

prioritiesWhen I was younger I enjoyed being sick. It meant I didn’t have to go to school, I got pampered by my mother; I could lay on the couch all day watching cartoons and got away with about anything. Everyone was my slave and I got whatever I wanted. *Deep sigh*, those were the days.

Praying to be ill became a regular prayer point when I was in boarding school, weird right? Any excuse to escape cleanup or communal punishment was welcome and being ill was the surest way. Although this didn’t always work out the way I planned being a military school, but it had its moments.

In university, being ill was the shortest cut to weight loss. Needed to shed the extra holiday weight, all I had to do was get back to school, drink some questionable water here and there and then, BAM! I was ill.

First my neck would become elongated and then the rest of the body would follow, o joy! Even in the pain, I was happy, just because.

Now, I hate hospitals and loath being sick. Being sick now means a visit to the hospital (no more self medication), injections, doctor’s reports and abandonment. Gone are my reasons for enjoying and praying to be sick. I no longer lose weight, I can no longer escape house chores, I do not have the luxury of being pampered and petted and sick days can now be deducted from my paycheck. Illnesses are now a nuisance.

It’s amazing how our priorities change as we grow older. Cast your mind back with me to 10 years ago, do the same things still matter to you or you’ve gotten over them and established new priorities? I realize more each day that the things I cared the most for, suddenly pales in comparism with the present realities of everyday life.

I know you’re thinking, how being ill can be a wish! But you need to have lived my life to understand why it was. We all have that secret thing that made sense at the time but now, when we look back we just shake our heads and laugh.

I just did. Boy, was I silly. Care to share yours?


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