Them Pearly Whites

There are many ways of saying hello without saying it outright. My favorite form of hello is a smile.

A smile could mean different things and elicit different responses. For instance it could mean back off you imp, pay me another compliment cos you’re in the zone brother or I’m shy but I really like you. All you have to do is read the corresponding body language and you can tell your next course of action –fight or flee.

I love smiles. It’s an interesting pastime for me and I often find myself staring and watching people around me so I can catch a glimpse of them pearly whites and try to decipher what they just might be thinking at the moment of the smile.

Not too long ago, I found myself in a room filled with people and instead of participating in the various conversations going on around me, I picked a seclude spot and watched the smiling and scowling faces around the room. (Yes, I’m weird like that).

I could tell those who were genuinely enjoying themselves, those tolerating their companions and those who had the come hither smiles plastered on their faces (they had things other than healthy conversation on their minds).

Someone was staring at me. I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t realized I was being watched also; I felt a little embarrassed. I looked up and he didn’t look away. He walked slowly and purposely towards me all spotless and unwrinkled in his fitting white shirt (I could tell he worked out). This was a well built brother, tall, slender, a blend between white chocolate and creamy coffee – my spec.

I couldn’t believe I was blushing. Me! never would I have thought I would see the day. But there I was, bashfully smiling when he got close enough to speak. Hi, my name is Ben.

That was the last thing I heard.

Was I overwhelmed by his beauty? Swept away by his charm? Quite the opposite.

teethI didn’t hear a word of what he said cos of his teeth. It was a mess in there. Talk about decayed and greenish teeth. As he spoke and I cried within me at another waste of man I tried to imagine him kissing me even if it were on the wrist and I choked on my drink spilling it on myself. That way my cue to make a hasty exit and I took it.

After all said and done, it’s all in the teeth.


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