It’s finally here. I’m so happy excited.

I work at a job I don’t particularly enjoy and on most days not particularly good at. What keeps my motivated is the 4 weeks of the year I get to disappear, forget about work and just focus on making me happy. The ultimate relaxation.

Yep, my long awaited vacation is finally here. Every year I plan to take a trip somewhere and then, puff, it always ends as a pipe dream. Why? In one word, Management. Not this time, not this year; I’m going to find me a remote vacation spot, deliberately forget my phone and be incommunicado for a month. I’m on a natural high right now just thinking of the warm beaches of Banjul and the mountain climbing in Cape Town.

I’ve worked real hard and I really deserve this time off. Honest, I do. You don’t know what I’ve been through.

My boss however doesn’t think I deserve this time off and is making a fuss about it, but what do I care, I’m going and that’s final.

Ok. Now I care.

My 4-week leave just got negotiated down to 2-weeks! Imagine that!!! I’m so upset I have murder in my eyes. If eyes could kill, I know where he’d be by now.

I am not deterred. I will take what I have and make the most of it. Either way, I get to frolic with the locals and lazily lie on the white beach sand and probably summon the courage to sky dive off of Table Mountain in Cape Town. One thing is for sure, rest I shall.

I’m outta here.


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