Up In The Air


flyingI hear nothing but the humming sounds of the being in the air.

I am all excited as I board the plane; I envision all the fun waiting when my plane touches down, *deep sigh* my little adventure. Yes I am traveling alone and yes I am going to a place where I do not know a single soul, talk about living on the wild side (for me at least).

My excitement vaporizes as virtually every passenger throws the red blanket over their faces. Why? Was I the only excited passenger on this flight?

I am not a friendly traveler; whenever I travel, I stick my head in a book, avoid eye contact – eye contact equals conversation – and keep to myself. But this was going to be a long flight and I was determined to be the perfect seat partner. This flight was going to be “Legendary” (to quote Barney Stinson). I made notes on a piece of paper on appropriate plane conversation

  1. Politics
  2. Work
  3. Music
  4. Religion
  5. Movies
  6. Plane crashes

sleepingMy only neighbor is to my right and he’s been asleep and facing the window since we took off (party pooper). He doesn’t even wake up for dinner (crap) but farts till we land. His ass is facing me right now and its upsetting cos I can’t avoid the assault. I try tapping him awake but its no use.

It’s just my luck right! I got a seat partner I deserved. At that moment I promised myself to be a lot more friendly and accommodating when next I was up in the air.

I’m trying not to be depressed that this trip hasn’t lived up to my expectations but hey, I have 13 more days to make up for today’s disaster.

Its sleepy time. I throw the red blanket over my face.


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