Toy Boy

Being on holiday gives you time to think, reflect and tell yourself some hard truths like the one I discovered about myself today.

I like small boys.

Wipe that shocked look from your face. I’m no pervert or pedophile, I just realized lately that I tend to find myself tongue tied and panting like a thirsty dog when I’m around younger men. And by younger I mean boys within the ages of 23 – 26 (I don’t count them as men yet); any older and the spark is gone.

And before you peg me as some cougar, let me assure you that I most definitely am not. I am just approaching the fair age of 30, thank you very much. So the age difference isn’t so bad you’re thinking, but you don’t know me very well. If you did, you’d throw your hands over your mouth in shock and exclaim loudly ‘Not prim and proper Zu! She wouldn’t even hold hands in public!’

There’s something about them young boys, the soft clear skin, the look of adventure, their desire to please and the sometimes wide-eyed innocence that has yet to be glazed over by disillusionment.

Why small boys? I can’t say specifically, but I do love the way they make me feel – in control, giddy and eighteen again. In simpler terms, I feel young.

That’s why I’m flirting (rather badly) with this young block that thinks I’m 27 and pretty. Anyone watching me right now would wonder at my hysterical laughter, gyrations and fluttering eyelids. They would conclude I descended from a long line of hyenas or gymnasts or worse still that I had something stuck I my eyes. I feel as ridiculous as I look. But I can’t help myself. Honest.

He’s just the right height, 3 inches taller than me, so i can coyly lower my eyelids and blush; he’s of average build, I don’t like them muscular guys, I always feel they can beat me up if and when i misbehave; and those smiling eyes I can get lost staring blissfully into them. *Deep sigh*.

I deliberately left restraint in an old handbag at far back at home. My excuse, I’m on holiday. Whatever happens at the Cape stays at the Cape. No one would ever know that I like small boys.


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