Vacation Over

I woke up this morning not on the white fragranced sheets nor did I feel the comfort of the fluffy and soft duvet wrapped around me. I turned lazily to my right reaching for the lamp on the night stand but it wasn’t there. My neck felt stiff and I twisted it left and right to ease it up. Still groggy from sleep, I felt around the bed in search of my feathery pillow, maybe it fell on the floor I thought.

What was that dreadful noise? And why didn’t I get my scheduled wake up call. ‘What the hell is going on?’ I said out loud to myself.

As my feet made contact with the floor I gave out a shrill; my feet had made contact to the cold tiles instead of carpeting. It was at that moment it all came back to me.

This wasn’t the 5-star hotel I had slept and awoken for the past week. This was home! Yikes! My holiday was over and I was confronted with the harsh reality – I started to cry. I wanted my cappuccino, my large English breakfast, my freedom to sleep till noon and the pure joy of having delicacies delivered to my room. I wept loudly.

Gone was the cooling sea breeze and my picturesque view. I wanted it back.

OMG! Look at the time! I was late for work and barely had time to take a bath let alone think up a catchy outfit for the day.

As I sat at my desk making myself a cup of tea I imagined the rich muffin basket, the bacon, omelet, guava juice and other mouth watering goodies I had indulged in. My bags were still parked, I could go back and live the life of a tourist forever. That would be nice.wake up

Reality check girl, you’re a paid employee; you can’t afford that luxury.

The good natured jokes do nothing for my deflated spirit.


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