The Woman In Me

I thought getting dressed for work was easy. In the past I would wake up and put on the first thing I could lay my hands on and that would be the end of it. But 2014 is proving to a little more challenging.

Its an accepted norm that it takes a lady longer to decide on what to wear then get dressed than it takes a guy. I have always been the exception to the rule. I never plan an outfit I just wake up and get dressed based on whatever mood I’m in. And for the past 3 years, that mood has been – rolled up shirt sleeves, loose pants and walking shoes. Comfort has always been my watch word.

Its like all the ladies at my office conspired to outdo eachother in this new year cos they all look exceptional, classy and sexy – in the words of the office ‘they are breaking campaigns’. For me the choice was

1. Continue dressing like a dude and flow with the boys or

2. Show off my new curves – curtsy my weight-loss regime – and act like the girl that’s buried deep down.

Hmmmmmm, It was a tough decision but I decided to be a girl after taking a sabbatical. But who would blame me, after receiving threats of having my trainers and suspenders cut if i ever wore them to the office again. With the help of my baby brother, I’m pulling off the girl look in HEELS – even though I’ve fallen to my knees a couple of times (lol).

I hope I can keep this up though. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “The Woman In Me

  1. I commend you and encourage you to keep it up! I think you will do well. Nothing better than heels to get things looking fantastic. Weather you choose to go girlie or boyish, heels are always the best way to go. 😉


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