Fighting Temptation

If my life were a movie, fighting temptation would be the title.

I need to let him go but I don’t think am strong enough.

Everywhere I look he’s there, calling me. Seducing me with his deceptive innocence and alluring looks. Every day I look away only to be lured by his whispers of pleasure, waiting, only for me.

I turn away but I feel his warm stare burrowing into the back of my head. He’s in my thoughts, in my dreams – there’s no escaping his smell.

I remember the feel of him in my hands, his taste is oh so soft and sweet and every day I just want to hold him, even if it for a moment, even if I never feel his lips on mine again; all I want to do is hold him and feel whole once more.

You are not good for me but still I yearn for you. Why can’t I live without you? Every day is a struggle not to look into your eyes and be lost. My friends warn me everyday to stay away cos you’re nothing but bad news, yet our bond grows strong.

You need to let me go just as I need to let you go. I walk slowly towards him for the final farewell. This is how our love ends. Just one more time, that’s all I ask, before we say goodbye.

We go to our secret place, a place where no one can judge us for being together. I hold him gently and bring him to my mouth. A deep sigh escapes from my lips when our tongues touch.

Ohhhhhh, Ice Cream. I will miss you.


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