Fading Into 2015

And so it is. We stand at the threshold and await the emergence of a new year.

As i cast my mind back to a similar time in 2013 I recall the anticipation with which I ushered in the new year. I was hopeful for a lot of things. Was i disappointed with the way the year turned out? Not so much. Could it have gone better, hell yeah.

Looking over the year 2014, I’m grateful for
1. The ability to feel love and be in love
2. Having a heart that could be broken. It still means I’m still capable of feeling irrespective of whatever damage
3. My career that’s growing steadily
4. My family that puts up with my antics and love me inspite of it
5. My friend and confidante who has stuck by me these 7years

2014 was a year of growth and maturity and for the experience, I’m grateful. I walk into 2015 with Great Expectations and a realisation that 2015 will blow my mind.

My wish for you is that you live a full life, exploiting every passion and opportunity that presents itself. May your ability to dream never be hampered by life’s disappointments. And may you experience love in its purest and undiluted form.

Happy New Year guys and have an awesome 2015.


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