Just Do It

“When the Lord closes a door sometimes He opens a window” – Maria from the Sound of Music. But the truth is, we often times stare too long at the closed door that we fail to see the available opportunities that are evident everywhere around us.

Holding on to the past is a human phenomenon and in most cases easier said than done. It’s easier to stand rooted to in the familiar – painful or otherwise – than venture into unfamiliar terrain and risk the possibility of a new experience that just might lead us back to the starting line.


Just a thought, But what if by some stroke of luck this time around you catch a break and things do work out for the absolute best?

I have come to realise that sometimes the things we hold on to are not entirely colored the same way in reality. Our minds device its own coping mechanism by coloring our experiences and decisions in rose tinted glasses making it difficult to view the situation as it really is.


My subject is not focused on love as is the general perception with letting go, but it applies to every decision we need to make in our life. So whether it is finally taking a stand to quit your crappy job, or stand up to an abusive friend/partner or even shatter any make believe scenario in your life, in the words of Nike, Just Do It.


Break free. It’s  the beginning of a new year my friends, the year is froth with possibilities. Turn away from that door and jump out the window, cos therein might lie your redemption.



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