Try Contentment

Contentment is not a word we hear often nor like to hear. But I dare say, it’s a word that we need to hear and live out a lot more of.

I admit it’s easier said than done but imagine with me if you will, I world where we are satisfied, content and happy with our lives and situations; where everyday isn’t a struggle to outclass or outshine anyone. Where all you needed you had and all you didn’t have didn’t matter cos it wasn’t important anyway.

I really wonder what sort of world that would be. I think we would all be a lot happier because nothing else would matter except the now and the prospect of  a better tomorrow.

I watched a video quite recently about a little experiment about contentment using coffee and a wide array of cups ranging from expensive to delicate to downright ugly and chipped. Everyone went for the fancier cup as was expected. To quote some the words of the professor, “Savor the coffee not the cups”

Life is the coffee and the cup is just dress up. Enjoy your life as much as you can and try to avoid the distractions of the coffee cups battling for our attention.

*Deep sigh*, Contentment.


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