Cobwebs In My Head

my HeadI’ve been feeling numb for a long time now. Drifting is the right word to describe this state. I have no desire for anything. Nothing pleases me in my new state of restless drift.

Everything around me is met with a heightened level of disinterest. The things which gave me satisfaction since lost their appeal. I am content within my bubble; No Guests Allowed.

I am not depressed, I just want to be left alone. To fall deeper into myself and swim in the recesses of mind till I emerge purged and whole again.


4 thoughts on “Cobwebs In My Head

  1. You know, I think I do understand this. For awhile I had this (and still do sometimes). My problem was (and is) that I don’t always trust people because of being let down all the time. So then I just stopped caring about, well…everything. I love being by myself partially because I’m mostly introvert and because I just said “Whatever” to the world without knowing it before it completely happened.

    I say all that to say to take a minute alone and take as long as you need to figure out if you are tuning out hurt (or are afraid of it) or you just had a few days. Best of luck 🙂


    • It’s good to know I’m not alone in the phase I am right now.
      To address what you raised, I think it’s a mix of both- tuning out and afraid of hurt. I’m hopeful I’ll snap out of it, if not, everyone would just have to take me as I am.

      Thanks for your insight, you’ve given me something to think about.


      • You are definitely not alone in this. Just to save you some additional time, I will tell you that I didn’t “snap out of it.” I had to force myself into situations that made me uncomfortable -not dangerously but maybe staying in the room and interacting in group talks (instead of going to the other room) or having the courage to text/call/talk to a person first or even ask for help even when I’m sure that they will say no to my request (and most times they said yes).

        To this day, I struggle with it but it is something to work on.


  2. Right. So there will be no snapping out of it, only deliberate action. Rip the band aid off slowly. I actually have been forcing myself into situations I would normally talk myself out of. It was a little scary and was a bit self conscious but it wasn’t so bad.

    I’ll just need to find more ‘scary’ situations to put myself in.
    Thanks for the insight.


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