What Do You See?


What are you afraid of?

I was listening to a message yesterday and the Speaker asked a question,  ‘What are you seeing’? That question halted me and got me thinking about a lot of things.

As simple and basic as this question is, it is an internal probe that we all need to ask ourselves from time to time. Are we living up to our individual potential? Or are we so afraid of all the unforeseen variables that we choose not to do anything? Immobilized, helpless and cowering in fear, afraid to lift up our heads to glimpse the picture that could be our future.

Whose voice do we listen to? The one that tells us it can’t be done or the one that’s our loudest cheerleader. We all have within us the capacity and capability to do and become anything we choose, all we need is the determination and tenacity to keep going.

The truth is, win our lose, it doesn’t hurt to try. Even if we don’t succeed the first time, there’s always a second and third opportunity to be great.

Resist the urge to be paralyzed by fear, act in faith; live the dream, because it is possible. The world is your canvas and you can paint the picture you want to see.


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