August Break, Not August Rain

So, normally we’d be on a break in August but climate change and the ozone layer depletion has screwed up the seasons so that we now have rains in August.

Too bad for us late night commuters who brave the dark potholed riddled roads to get home before our estates/closes are shut for the night.

Getting home in one piece a few minutes go required that I brave the blasted heavy downpour while trying to remember every bad spot on the road so as to prevent my tyres from resting in pieces on the deserted road.

I finally get home and as feared, my close gate is locked and chained with no one in sight. What to do? Next step, scale over the gate. There’s no shame here, girl or not, my bed beacons. Just when I’m over the fence, the security whistle goes off and neighbours are out on their balconies on alert.

Like seriously, where were these watchful persons when I was breaking a fingernail and scraping my legs trying to  climb over the gate.

Just my luck I guess.

Finally, bedtime.


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