Release The Joy


Some months ago I had some car trouble.  It was a weekday and I was trying to make a meeting at work and that was the day my car decided to  break down. That incident set off a chain of events that affected my entire day. I was grumpy, irritated and downright rude on a number of instances throughout the day. I just couldn’t get over the inconvenience of that singular mishap in my day just because I chose, maybe subconsciously, to focus on the problematic note my day started off on.

Looking back to that day there were splashes of joys and hues of happiness painted across that day that I didn’t even notice for my Miss Grumpy crown. For instance, my 3 year old niece called me specifically to ask when I was come over and ended the call with her and brother saying ‘I love you Aunty Joy’. This and little acts of kindness shown to me at work and later at home should have been enough to get me out of my funk but I whined myself to sleep.

The Truth is there will be situations that wind up our knickers but we need to take time to look around for a reason to be joyful. Be it in the ‘I love you’s’  of your niece or the embrace from a close friend or just the fact that, like me, you have a car and the resources to fix it when it acts up.

There’s always something to be thankful for, you just need the eyes to see it.


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