In Spite Of The Ugly Parts…

As we mark a turning point in Nigeria’s history, I thought it apt to commemorate this day by penning down the things I’m most grateful for:

1. I am grateful for being able to flush out all the toxic connections that made me doubt my awesomeness; who made me sad and miserable.

2. I am grateful that I can finally commit to a lifestyle of fitness and healthy living. Goodbye emotional eating.

3. I am grateful that my nails look gorgeous due to the simple fact that I stopped publicly biting them.

4. I am grateful that I now turn to Charlene Johnson’s Turbo Fire instead of a bottle of spirit when I’m depressed or wound-up.

5. I am grateful that I can still feel pain, hurt and betrayal. Cos it means I’m still alive and better things are ahead.

6. I am grateful that I am still here, alive and well, in spite of it all.

Life could have turned out worse. I could have been an obese, bedridden, broke, drunk who ends up shooting herself at her lowest point. But I’m not. I am luckier than most.

In spite of the ugly parts, I am grateful.


Song For The Day: G.R.L. – Ugly Heart

Song For The Day: G.R.L. – Ugly Heart.

ugly heartEver meet the perfect fine boy – The Mr. Perfect of your dreams – and he turns out to be a complete asshole and the biggest jerk of the millennium? If you haven’t, then you’re one of the lucky ones. But if you’re like me and have met ‘a few’, then I think you would enjoy this.

This is dedicated to all the pretty boys with ugly hearts.


Signs of Depression

You know You’re depressed when

1. Standing on the edge of Third mainland bridge is the right spot to appreciate the sunset

2. Drinking acid means the same thing as drinking vodka

3. Diving off the bridge into the lagoon is like diving into a pool at Ikoyi Club

4. You put a 10 year old behind the wheel and daring him/her to run you over

5. An episode of The Big Bang Theory brings you to tears

If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek help. Please.

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

I’m not talking about the movie that Simon Pegg was in. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the movie. The movie title is quite thought provoking, so I decided to create a list of inappropriate actions befitting the title.

  1. Forget their birthdays: Nothing pisses off friends more than forgetting their birthdays. Especially when they told you the day before ‘tomorrow is my birthday’. Great Scott, I totally forgot cos you’re not that important.dont care
  2. Show up late or not at all for every event they throw/organize and do not have a tangible excuse for coming late. “Bridget, why weren’t you at my baby christening?” response: “No particular reason. But I had more entertaining things to do at home”.
  3. Ignore Phone calls: Do not pick up calls of numbers you have saved. Ignore missed calls and text messages. Only attend to life and death situations.not picking
  4. Embarrass your friends and family in public. Nothing says ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass about your feelings’ like airing dirty laundry in public. Create a scene aimed at humiliating
  5. Public farting will earn you a label and a reputation; it will also ensure that people avoid you at all costs. fart
  6. Use inappropriate language and swear a lot. Drop the ‘F’ word, the ‘N’ bomb and every other obscene immoral combination you can come up with. Combining this with a very LOUD voice will make you a hit to avoid. ‘Loud mouthed f**keroo’. nasty comment
  7. Develop a snobbish attitude. Look down and condemn every single thing. Have a superiority complex and make asses of everyone else.
  8. Go around smelling people. If they aren’t freaked out then I don’t know what else would do the trick. Smell your friends like they were freshly picked flowers every time you see them; or on the flip side, place a peg on your nose whenever they come around then say “You stink, didn’t you know that? Gosh!” bad smell

I may not have captured all the strong points but this is how I’ve successfully eliminated ‘friends’ from my social circle. It’s like I have split personalities and … but that’s a story for another day.

If you have further suggestions for the list, I’m open to hear them.