Crossing Over To 2016

As the hours tick by to the end of 2015, words fail me as I try to capture the mix of emotions coursing through me.

Every new year brings with it it’s specially packaged gifts and 2015 was a year with mixed packages. At the start of 2015, I armed myself with a long list detailing all the gifts I expected from 2015, but as I exit the year, I exit with a sense of semi-satisfaction and optimism for 2016. I may not have gotten all I wanted but it was quite a year.

I am grateful for all the events of 2015 – the friends that became family, the stresses and hurdles that taught me patience and faith; and the experiences that shaped my world view and kept me charging forward, full speed ahead.

I raise my glass to you, 2016. To New beginnings, Fresh starts and Conquering new territories. The pictures in my head are so vivid I can touch them; 2016 is going to be a great year.

Happy New Year.


Its About Action

2015 - ACTIt’s not enough to bask in the euphoria of positivity that floats around at the beginning of every New Year. The reality nothing will change if the necessary actions are not taken and come year end, you’d be depressed, miserable and wonder where all the potential opportunities went.

Don’t be left behind. What’s your dream? What’s your plan? If you can think it, you can do it.

Act Now my friends.