Breaking Up

A woman’s mind who can phantom.

When it comes to love and relationships, a woman’s mind is hard to understand. She loves you but is not ‘IN’ love with you. Seriously, can you tell the difference? I would really like to know.

Breakups are difficult. Stressful for the breaker (initiator of breakup) and hard for the breakee (the person being left).  Stringing the perfect breakup is tricky and requires delicate execution and some breakup lines are just epic.

I saw these on the MGTOW website and I couldn’t help laughing and sharing. Classic female breakup lines.

  • She “loves you, but she’s not IN love with you”.
  • She “needs time and space”.
  • She “doesn’t feel like she has anything to give at the moment”.
  • She “is at a point in her life where she really needs to focus on her career”.
  • She “needs to FIND herself”.
  • She’s “not sure where this relationship is going”. (when she has already decided without consulting you, that it’s going in the trash)
  • You’re a “really great guy”… but she’s “just not feeling it anymore”.
  • “It’s not you. It’s her”.

Tell me, honestly, how many of these lines have you used to get out of a relationship?