In A Cynical Mood

To forcefully snap myself out of my almost depressed funk yesterday, I thought to delve into the world of comedy but ended up with a romantic movie instead.
LoveRosie-postEnter, ‘Love, Rosie’. Touching romantic movie starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin in the lead. Great soundtracks by the way.

Love,  Rosie: A story about missed opportunities, lost love and friendship that forgives and stands the test of time. Yes I was teary eyed and ‘ahhhed’ at the appropriate moments but once the sentiments wore off, I realized I was served a hot plate of bullocks. This doesn’t happen in real life! Happy endings are few and far between and that story about kissing a few frogs till you find your Prince is just a s#*tty ploy to keep people enamored and hopeful. I know loads of ladies who are stuck kissing their ‘chosen’ frogs for the rest of their lives having come to the realization that a Princely kiss is no where in the horizon.

Quotation-Darren-Shan-life-people-evil-truth-heroes-happy-Meetville-Quotes-266311Life is messy. Filled with missed opportunities, failed relationships, betrayals and life long heartbreak. Maybe that’s why we have Hollywood to delude us into believing in magic and all the other fantasies it sells. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies,  but I think I have gotten the point where I’m not buying what their selling anymore.

This might be brought on by my withdrawal symptoms from the world, but for now, cynicism will do.