Day 4: Is That Hunger Pangs I Feel? 

So it’s been 4 days since I last ate food or as my people would saysay, ‘since I last ate pepper’.  Does it feel weird? Not particularly. But I do feel the beginning of hunger pangs and a little bit of the woozies. 

Since these juices are meant to be meal replacements and are packed with the daily nutrients required, I am a little miffed that I might be a little under nourished. 

Saw somewhere that Whey Protein should do the trick but the price tags on those things made me almost burst into tears at the supermarket. There they were, mocking me and daring me to reach for the pack, which I didn’t. 

Going to stick with the recipes as is and hope that what I feel isn’t hunger pangs but me just missing the taste of pepper. 

So what am I drinking today? Well I decided to try 2 different smoothies today, so here goes. [Sorry no pix today] 

Mix 1:

1.  1.5 cup spinich

2. 2 bananas 

3. 1.5 apples

4. 1 cup Soya milk

5. Half cup water

6. 2 tablespoons Almond nuts 

7. Half an avocado

8. 1 tablespoon Chia seeds
Mix 2:

1. 1.5 cup spinach 

2. 1.5 cup strawberries 

3. Half an Avocado 

4. 1 banana 

5. 1.5 cup Soya milk

6. 1 tablespoon honey

7. 2 tablespoons cashew nuts

8. 2 tablespoons Chia seeds

I read somewhere that Chia seeds curb hunger so I’m doubly miffed about how I’m feeling right now.