Love Day

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. *rolling my eyes*. The season I hate most. But hey, I have no choice but to join in the fray and ‘celebrate’ with everyone else.

I am not single, so don’t take this as the ranting of a single or lonely person. But the hype and obsession with this one day just rubs me the wrong way.

In my opinion, there is unnecessary pressure placed on people in relationships to act out scenarios played up by Hollywood. The over bloated display of love on February 14th doesn’t always spill into the rest of the year. Valentine’s Day has become a platform for people in relationships to showoff, be it their spouses, gifts or grand gestures received. A classic case of my horse is bigger than yours.

It’s no wonder that people are becoming creative in their ploys to avoid being caught in the web of phony displays of love and the extravagance associated with the love season.

Here are a few going around

PWEEty laddY...=_


Don’t get me wrong, I love to be wooed, petted and courted but I prefer any display of affection be honest and not become a show. Call me old school, but I want that grand gesture to be about me and what I mean to my partner and not the fact that I want my friends to be green with envy.

No matter how much we want to dress it up, Love is simple.

For me, it’s the little things that matter and not the size of the cake or teddy bear.

Have a great Valentine celebration and may your life always be filled with love.