Fighting Demons

There was a sound.

It was eerily soft.

So soft it could be missed.

It was dark outside and she knew she was alone. But there it was again. That sound. The sound of measured breathing, of hushed whispers. The air was heavy and the darkness in the room was overpowering – she felt suffocated. 

The hairs on her hand and neck stood. She could hear her heart beat and feel the sweat build on her forehead. ‘Calm Down’ she spoke to her heart, trying to get her breathing under control. There’s no one here. It’s just us. But she couldn’t shake the feeling of a presence.

She reached for the light switch on the side of the bed. The room stayed dark. Stumbling out of bed her foot trips on objects on the floor – a stool, a tiny object with wheels… probably a toy train – She was on the ground.

‘You’re scaring yourself’ she muttered to herself. As she tried to stand, she felt stuck. Paralyzed. What is happening? Her mind questioned. 

There it was again… The quiet whisper. She couldn’t understand the words. It was mocking her… 

She couldn’t breathe… She could feel hands on her neck but when she moved to pull them off, there was nothing there. It was winning… She fought back, kicking and trying to scream, but no sound came out.

She was panicking. Nothing made sense. She was fighting for her life but there was nobody there.

From the corner of her eyes she saw a pair of eyes. Staring with quiet enjoyment. She could feel the wicked grin even though it was too dark to make out. 
She must be dreaming, she thought. Or imagining things. 

This couldn’t be real. Could it?

The eyes were moving towards her, slowly. Hesitant at first but advancing more surely.

As her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt her life slipping away the eyes were finally above her, close enough to recognize. Reaching upwards with one hand,  she attempts to touch the form – prove this is real and she’s really dying.

She’s free. Gasping for breathe, she jumps up and runs to the corner of the room, wiping tears from her eyes and trying to adjust to the darkness. 

Her neck was bruised, her side hurt, her eyes were puffy, there was blood on her nose and mouth. She felt like a mess. 

It wasn’t a dream after all. This was her living nightmare. 

The brain fog finally cleared and she realized she was in her room. Taking measured steps she finds the light switch and the room is enveloped with light. 

There they was. Those eyes. Those evil vengeful eyes. Only this time they stared at her, empty, powerless and lifeless.

She smiled. It was not a happy smile but a smile of relief. 

And walked into the shower. 

Her blistered lips didn’t hurt anymore from her facial movements.

‘Today is going to be a great day’ she said,  thinking about how to dispose his lifeless body, reclined in her favorite chair.